• Fattoria didattica Toscana
  • Fattoria didattica Toscana
  • Fattoria didattica Toscana
  • Fattoria didattica Toscana
  • Fattoria didattica Toscana

Educational and cultural experiences

We work together with WWOOF, a worldwide non-profit movement that connects volunteers and natural rural projects. Its aim is to promote educational and cultural experiences, and it is based on an exchange of trust, to help build a sustainable global community.

The Educational Farm

Learning from nature

The Alpaca Farm cares about the environment, this is why we are equipped with a hot water system powered by solar panels, heating powered by a biomass fired boiler and we collect rainwater that accumulates in old tanks to water the plants.

Moreover the roof has been redone by exploiting the natural thermal insulation properties of the cork and it is properly ventilated: we would like to introduce to you and to your children the different renewable energies that our planet needs to develop!

Furthermore if you want to taste food produced with zero product miles you can visit our organic garden with fresh herbs and vegetables of all kinds. We will teach you all the tricks to cultivate a perfect garden!

We have two upcoming projects: the first one is to build manufactures of wood and straw to promote a different way of building by optimising the use of on-site resources and to reduce pollution; the other one is the construction of a photovoltaic system in order to make the structure independent and to become a demonstration centre for the production of Energy by the same panels.

We love animals, this is why we enjoy each other’s company: a little donkey named Giulio, seven Tibetan goats, a golden retriever and four cats! Everyone is invited to keep them company!


Educational farm Italy – Alpaca country house best educational farm in Tuscany

You can take part in all the stages of the wool processing of our Alpacas: from the work in progress product to the end. We organize handloom spinning courses!

The organic garden, with a corner dedicated to herbs. You can enjoy the taste of freshly picked vegetables that we use in our kitchen.

In the nature trail that takes place on 5 hectares of land you can hear the “voices of the woods” and admire ancient trees, such as oaks, olive trees and cypresses that inspired great poets of the past.

Educational farm Italy