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Alpaca Country House

Alpaca Farm

Tuscany hills, clean air, an Alpaca farm and biodiversity: we live in a magical world and we are excited to let you discover it! Our Country House is the ideal place to recharge yourself from the stress of the city, to eat rustic healthy foods and to live close to the nature between wild and cute animals.

In Alpaca Country House you can find plants and trees of all kinds, horses, goats and chickens. Local animals are mixed with a wonderful world: the one of Alpaca. We are waiting for you!

Agriturismo in Tuscany – Alpaca country house the best agriturismo in Italy for families and children

Nature is not a place to visit, but the place where we live.

Welcome to the Country House!

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Country House degli Alpaca

Apartments inside the Country House:

Alpaca Country House offers you four apartments inside the Farm! All the apartments are in Rustic Style, with a bathroom, a kitchenette, WI-FI, washing machine and a car park. This kind of apartment is ideal for those couples – or families – who want to live in direct contact with nature!

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Borgo degli Alpaca

Apartments outside the Country House:

We do not want you to miss anything: for this reason we offer 5 private buildings with separate entrance just 3 km far from the Farm! All the apartments have a rustic style and are provided with a bathroom, a kitchenette, WI-FI, a washing machine and a car park. This category of apartments is ideal for those couples or families who want to live like locals, in a small but characteristic village!

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Our Tavern

Eating means becoming part of a territory.

The tavern was founded with the desire to combine typical Tuscan dishes with the refined lightness of the modern kitchen. The warmly familiar environment, landscape and nature surrounding the tavern will make you discover the taste of “eating well”.

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Educational Farm

Our green energy

An educational center to learn about new renewable energy technologies.

The hot water system of ‘ Alpaca Country House’ is powered with solar panels , heating is powered by a biomass boiler , rainwater with storage tanks in the old farm is used to water the plants, and suger is used as thermal insulation in the roof.

Nature, relax and …swimming pool!

The pool is available to guests, so you have the opportunity to take a dip, in the tranquility of the Tuscan hills.

Pet friendly

We love pets, they are always welcome at our farm, can stay in the apartments and also in tavern, and the best part is pets stay for free!

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