Farm animals for kids in Italy -Alpaca country house farm animals for children in Tuscany


A break between long hills

Our Huacaya Alpaca Farm consists of ten animals and it is the only one with these characteristics in the province of Pisa: visiting the Country House will allow you to collaborate in the daily life of the farm, feeding the animals and participating in the seasonal work of breeding.

All of our Alpacas are shy, kind, quiet but also very smart: a day spent with them will remind you how peaceful the silence can be.

In our structure there is also a store, where you can buy scarves and blankets of Alpaca yarn: every product is unique, handmade and handcrafted with wool coming from our breeding. If you are interested, we also sell alpaca wool in balls of yarn gray, dark brown and light brown coloured.

Alpacas were domesticated by the Incas more than 6,000 years ago and raised for their exquisite fleece. Due to its quality and all of its superhero characteristics, alpaca fiber was reserved exclusively for the elite and nobility.

Humming is the most common sound that alpacas make, which has been described as a kind of musical purring. Alpacas hum when they are curious, content, worried, bored, fearful, distressed or cautious.

The most easily detected difference between Alpacas and Llamas is that while alpacas have shorter, “spear-shaped” ears, similar to a fox, Llamas have very long, “banana-shaped” ears.

Farm animals for kids in Italy